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An independent; Research | Insights | Intelligence | Analysis | Consultancy - Tel: UK 0330 123 1145 / +44122 375 0972 | USA 617 517 9749

Our Practices

Facets of our work span from inception of research project to reporting and presenting results.  

We provide and manage full project life cycle or some aspects of a research project depending on client needs including:

Research design, Sample design (sampling), Identification and training of suitable interviewers in sufficient numbers to apply the survey questionnaires, Data collection, Designing of questionnaires in consultation with the client, Development of 'specs' and code frame for computer entry, Field work management, pilots, Logistical arrangements for survey interviewers and supervisors, Data input and processing, Report writing & presentation on findings. 

 "...as  a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information...." Benjamin Disrael  

Our Key Themes

The market and opinion research we undertake to practice relate to 4 different key themes and we are working hard to be recognized as one of the most comprehensive, affordable providers of quality:

1. Marketing Intelligence: (click link for more info)

Marketing mix (4p’s research)

 2. Marketing Audit: (click link for more info)

Market assessment/evaluation research (new /current) and segmentation/targeted audience research

3. Market insights: (click link for more info)

Information on the market (B2B/B2C research, Competitor analysis)

4. Mystery shopping: (click link for more info)

(Service provision and customer experience tests)