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Marketing Intelligence 

Marketing intelligence is crucial for every business to understand its targeted audiences for development of its marketing mix (4p’s - Product, Price, place and Promotion). 4P’s research primary focus is on customers’ needs and market opportunities for betterment of product offering, which often is priced on perceived benefits and packaged for customer product offering which often is priced on perceived benefits and packaged for customer convenience and promoted to emphasis product features, quality and ability to solve customer problems or satisfy customer needs. 

Hence, to attract more customers, keeping up to date with the consumer requires on going research for each P.

Product Strategy – Innovation for adjusting product offerings or measuring preferences through studies such as Packaging studies, product testing, concept tests (consumer likely acceptance of new products and or services), brand studies. 

Price Strategy – Effects derived from price changes and product packages through studies such as Competitor analyses, customer perception of prices and others.

Place Strategy – The making services available through preferred channels by the consumers themselves through studies such as channel coverage studies and international studies, retail audits.

Promotion Strategy – Communications using measurement of buying decisions, and analyzing the effect of campaigns, monitoring advertising media choice, Image studies, competitor advertising studies and others.

For example:

If the service requires technology application, then the business needs to make sure it does not lose its targeted audience due to on going technology changes, by constantly asking

What are the trends?

What adjustments should the company make to the marketing mix due to these constant changes in technology? 

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