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Marketing Audits 

To uncover market opportunities, analyzing the macroenvironment for understanding of market consumer behavior and innovation for service provision to stakeholders is crucial in order to deliver the needs and wants of a market. 

Once demographics are understood, the marketer is then able to understand the market place and who it’s competitors are. This follows understanding of market share. Opportunities for growth and profitability can then be determined for new / existing products and services.

Depending on the type of product offered, not often possible to service the whole universe. Following understanding of market place, then the market audience is broken down into smaller groups (segments) to allow the business to have a targeted audience for product positioning and target marketing.

These types of market assessments answer many questions including the below: 

It is these targeted audiences that are then evaluated on an on going basis to understand them.

These types of market assessments answer many questions including:

What changes are occurring in the environment? 

What are the trends?  

What is the significances of these trends? 

How will changes affect our business offering?

Segmentation research is targeted audience research which explores Who, When/Where, What/How and Why in a diversified market to understand consumer or stakeholder needs and motivations for strategizing and or expansion of a product and service offering or business delivery for each targeted group

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