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An independent; Research | Insights | Intelligence | Analysis | Consultancy - Tel: UK 0330 123 1145 / +44122 375 0972 | USA 617 517 9749

At MTC Marketing Research Solutions,  

we work with willingness to invest in long-term relationships with our clients and stakeholders. 

We are committed to adding value to our clients’ businesses by partnering with them and creating long-term relationships. 

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At MTC Marketing Research Solutions; 

We are interactive!  

Our fundamental objective is to meet learning needs of client than simply delivering research findings.

We are involved!

Our projects generate creative business outcomes and solutions that are sensitive to context of project. 

We are engaged!

Our work is in partnership with our clients. 

Research | Insights | Intelligence


What makes us the right company to talk to? 

"We are qualified in our skill and believe that research should provide clients with competitive advantage showing opportunities for growth and profitability."  

We do not believe in selling standard 'off-the-shelf' packages; 

We believe that research should provide you with competitive advantage insights by showing opportunities for growth and profitability. 

Our informed reporting is aligned with the research issues at hand and puts into account the clients corporate culture, aspirations, mission and vision.

We bring the voice of the customer into the boardroom to allow our clients to understand who they are delivering to, how they must deliver, why they should deliver, where to deliver and when to deliver.

Our projects are custom-designed to meet individual client needs depending on their particular research question or business problem and the aims of individual client companies. "Research tailored to the aims"

Our clients know their businesses very well, and we assist them become more profitable through a better  understanding of a market in which they operate while they are busy running their firms. 

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